Internet Connection

Business ICT is able to deliver high-speed and space between your business


The Australian Government built National Broadband Network will eventually replace most of the telephone and internet connections in the country. This will affect most homes and businesses with the following connections to be replaced, PSTN, ISDN and Multiline telephone connections as well as ADSL type internet connections. Although disconnection dates have slid, it is slated that the ISDN and Multiline type service will no longer to be connected to new sites from January 1, 2018 and totally withdrawn from the market and replaced by an IP NBN compatible type product by 2022.

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The Australian network the NBN is replacing is predominately copper with an overlay of fiber that is provided by a number of Carriers. The term “fibre to the Node” (FTTN) is where the NBN run a fibre connection to a node (connection point) in your street and then the existing copper cable to your premises. Depending on the quality and length of this copper cable will determine it’s performance. It is a “Best Efforts” environment. In some cases with business locations where a desired speed and performance is required, several copper cables are bonded together. This generally tops out at 20MB/20MB. Depending on where your premises is situated in the network will depend on what technology either copper or fiber is available.

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If your budget stretches and your location is serviceable by a fibre Internet connection then this technology is most desirable. Speeds of 1 Gigabyte with unlimited downloads are available.


A Microwave Internet connection is commissioned where premises are either not serviceable by copper or fiber, or where these services are too costly to install. A microwave dish (size of a dinner plate) is installed on your premises roof and pointed to a receiving dish across the city. This type of connection is common and can carry both voice and data.


The mobile 4G Internet connection is generally used as a temporary connection whilst these other type (fiber, copper, NBN) are being installed or as a redundancy / backup secondary connection if the primary connection goes down.


A satellite Internet connection is available for remote sites where no other technology is available or when a redundancy connection is required across a different technology


Where Internet connections are critical to the business, redundant links can be installed via a number of the above technologies. Automatic failover switching can be commissioned so there is no disruption to the workforce and notification can be triggered to the IT Management.