Telephone Systems

By 2022 the National Broadband Network (NBN) is expected to take both Data and Voice calls, current on-site phone systems will need to be either upgraded or replaced when the NBN is locally commissioned.



  • Hosted Telephony Systems can be:
  • Cheaper than traditional PBX – reduces capital expenditure and removes maintenance costs.
  • Bundled PBX, access, voice services and handset solutions packaged into one simple monthly bill.
  • Accessed via a private, secure data connection that enhances the call quality and protects against hacking.
  • Fully redundant solution – multiple instances in different data centres means a hosted telephone system or Cloud PBX is far more reliable than traditional hardware.
  • Cloud based so the service can follow you wherever you go – easily relocate your business.
  • An excellent solution for multi-site businesses with single dial plans.
  • Can be accessed by your mobile phone softphone application.